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Reception Package


We provide 1 keg of Frizzante (Prosecco in a keg) around 160 flutes. Drink it as it comes or spruce it up with some extras! This comes with 2 members of staff for up to 3 hours.


Bolt-ons: Small Craft Beer Keg (30 Pints)


Extra Frizzante Keg/ Extra Craft Beer Keg 


Complimentary coffee & hot drinks

Evening Bar 


Use the prices above. Add a gin Cocktail Bar £85 per bottle-includes all Fever Tree mixers, fruits and fancy extras - serves 14.

Pimms Cocktails £75 - serves 14.

Red Wine £18 - serves 4

All Day

If you want us to provide your bar throughout the day then extra staffing hours are charged at £25 an hour.

Contact us on 07798 575121